Hey there

Hello! This is my first post so it won’t be too interesting, I suppose.

I’m finally getting over some fears and jumping into the blogging thing. It’s hard because people might (will) judge and things won’t be perfect. I don’t have a team working on my “image” or content. It’s just me in my living room.

I guess I should say what this blog is about. It is me crafting things I like. I will learn along the way and hopefully you will too. Maybe we will even teach each other. I’ve only been crafting for a few years. I learned to crochet from my mother-in-law-to-be four years ago and I learned to knit from a friend of mine two years ago. It truly became a passion of mine. For a long time I drifted through the world doing whatever is expected without feeling like something is completely me. Yarn is me! It’s creative, challenging, technical, beautiful, useful… it is so many things. I’m sure everyone finds something of their own in yarn and other crafts.

Let the crafting journey begin!