The Time, It Has Come

After a huge failed knitted project, which I have restarted, I can’t seem to knit much at all. I have lost my groove. Though I do feel I’m getting back into it. My time has been dedicated to sewing, spinning and dyeing. I spun up 150g of lace weight alpaca two ply. I dyed it with some food colouring and it was so ugly. Currently, it is in a pot with acid dye. 

  I hope to get a nicer colour, which would actually be usable. I shall post the finished product later.

Th most exciting thing right now is a box full of bare skeins of sock and sport weight yarns. I picked it up yesterday and I cannot wait to put all the colours on them. 

It is rather intimidating. I am so scared to mess them up… But really, how bad could it be? Fingers crossed they will come out beautifully!