So Much Wool

For the past month now all I have done is process wool. It started out a little rocky. After washing second half of the first fleece the pipes were totally clogged. I cannot be certain that it was strictly due to wool, but it surely didn’t help the poor old pipes either. Luckily it was a quick fix. I do not take chances now. I have a drane thing and I make sure to use enough soap and heat for the lanolin to melt. After the wash and a few days of drying the carding begins. At first I was super slow and cautious. It was taking me weeks to do a quater of a fleece. Two weeks into it, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and I can do that same amount in a week. All I do now is fluff out each section I’m carding but I put rather large amounts through. Before I put one piece at a time. It was madness! 

There will be so much spinning this summer! I’m very excited. Each batt is enough to fill up one bobbing. So much fun! I go through a carding process in my new video cast if you are interested. And now back to it!