It’s Been a While

I’ve been on a blogging break for much too long. I got caught up with many crafty projects, which I have failed to share. Mostly because I’m disorganized. I’m trying to be better, thus I have started bullet journaling. I hear all the successful people do it.

Biggest news from me right now is I finally finished a custom Canucks cowichan for my husband. I weaved in the ends and put buttons on yesterday! It’s been a year long project. Originally it was supposed to be last year’s Christmas present. It was done. It didn’t fit properly. I’ve never written sweater patterns before and I didn’t know what I was doing. Many lessons have been learned! I’ll share my new found knowledge in the time to come. When he put that thing on and I realized all of it needs to be frogged, I was devastated. I’m sure many crafters feel that way after having worked for months on one thing with all the anticipation of gifting and seeing a person’s face light up only to have it be a huge fail. So I put in away in a dark corner.

This winter we’ve seen a lot of snow in Vancouver. It’s an odd year when we see any snow at all, but this year we’ve seen a lot! It even snowed yesterday. It’s as if the weather was telling me to get that thing done. I finally picked it back up just before Christmas and rewrote the pattern. There was still some frogging involved but not to the same extent. In the end, I feel proud and pleased with how it turned out though if I was silly enough to make another one for my husband I would make a few adjustments. So here it is in all its glory!