Summer Top – simple pattern writing

This post is a little late in the day. I thought I could crochet the front of this top in a day, but naturally things take longer than I imagine. Though I am almost done.

I love simple summer tops that flow and drape and have little shape. They are so easy to throw on and feel comfortable. Plus, they tend to be flattering on pretty much everyone. So how does one go about making a unique pattern. First, you need to know your size or an approximate size of a person you’re making this garment for. Here’s a chart of some standard sizes.

Second, make a swatch in pattern. I know everyone hates swatching, but there is just no way around it. I’d recommend a 4 inch swatch at the least.

Count those stitches. Divide the number of stitches by 4 inches. If you want the top to be tight fitting, multiply the number you get by your chest size. If you want it to flow, add a few inches to your size and multiply. If the number is divisible by the pattern repeat with a remainder of “plus” stitches and seam stitches, great! If not, round up or down. 

For example, my 4 inch swatch was 22 stitches. Thus, 1 inch is 5.5 stitches. I want 2 inch ease. I’m at a higher end of medium, which is 38 inches. That makes my garment 40 inches around. I divided that number by two, since there’s a front and a back and multiplied it by 5.5, which came to 110 stitches. I divided 110 by pattern repeat (in this case 4) and got 27 with a remainder of 2. I have two choices, round up or round down. If I was to round up, I would add 6 stitches because the pattern call for “plus 6”. If I was to round down I would have 26 repeats of the pattern plus 6 plus 2 stitches for seams, which comes to 112 stitches. I choose to round down.

Here a terrible sketch of what it is I’m actually making.

I’m worcking from bottom up so I chained the number of stitches and now working simple back and forth double crochet. When I’ll get to the underarms I will switch to the mesh pattern leaving one stitch on each side for seams. This is where I am thus far.

I’ve only got a few more inches/rows to go and then it’s easy street!

Make the same pattern for the back and seam it up. Super easy top. You can of course substitute this mesh pattern with anything you like. It’s all up to you and your vision. Have fun!