Anderlecht Edging – stitch tutorial 

Once again life gets the best of me and stitch Tuesday is coming very late in the day. Nonetheless, here it is.

I find adding edging to projects a bit of a difficult task. You have to count the stitches and go through various patterns to find just the right one. It’s mostly the counting I don’t like. This edging does not require any of that. It can be made frilly or flat depending on how you space your stitches. This edging can also be easily added to your knitting or sewing projects.

Here are some variations. One with just three rows and spaced further apart. Second includes the last row and closer together.

Ch 8

  1. Dc in 6th ch from hook and next 2ch, don’t turn.
  2. Ch2, sl st to edge of project, ch2, turn, dc in each dc across, turn.
  3. Ch5, dc in each dc across, don’t turn.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 across the edge. For the corners, work rows 2 and 3 in the same space. When you are done, fasten off. If you make this edging all around your project, leave a longer tail and seam the beginning and end together.

     4.   Attach yarn to a 5-ch sp, ch1, [3sc, picot, 3sc] in the same ch-5 sp, *[2sc, dc, picot, tr, picot, dtr, picot, tr, picot, dc, 2sc] in the next 5-ch sp, [3sc, picot, 3sc] in the next ch-5 sp; repeat from * around, sl st to 1st sc, fasten off.