WIP Wednesday – on point

Last few weeks I’ve dedicated my time on making baby shower gifts for one of my closest friends. Unfortunately I was so into making them that I completely forgot to take pictures. All you need to know is they were awesome. I’m very excited for this little boy to come into this world, thus there will be many more handmade goodies for him in the months/years to come.

I am finally returning to personal projects. First off, I’m spinning a lot. The goal is to get rid of three bags of wool I’ve had for about a year now. I’m well on my way. I’ll share pictures once the yarn is spun and dyed. I have special plans for it. Second, the mesh top. It’s done. It has been done for a few weeks. I like how it turned out but I want more something something. Thus, I’m jumping onto embroidered patches band wagon. Here is what I’ve got going on.

The heart will be dead centre and I want to make two flower patches to go down the shoulders.

What are you working on?