Throwback Thursday – For the Love of Vintage

I love vintage clothing. I even got married in a vintage dress. A little boy thought I was a fairy princess, which was an incredible complement. I wish I could dress like that every day! Maybe one day I will.

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite knitting books. Granted, I haven’t knit a single thing from it, but I do love picking it up and looking at the patterns. “A Handknit Romance” by Jennie Atkinson is beautiful. I would highly recommend it to all knitters. The designs are as beautiful as they are timeless.

The only drawback, and reason for why I haven’t knit any of them, is the yarn weight. Thing yarn and small needles scream “a forever WIP”. Though, if you are a quick knitter who tackled one of these patterns, I’d love to see your final project!