Lazy Sunday – Knitting on Stormy Sky Shawl

What can be better than staying in your PJs, listening to music and knitting a fun pattern with squishy yarn? The answer is simple, nothing. I’ve done a slow video before but deleted it by an accident. I thought it went over quite well, thus I’m bringing slow tv back. What is “slow tv” one might ask. It started out in Norway when a journey on a boat was shown live on tv. People went crazy for it! They would go outside and wait for the boat to wave and possibly get on television. The whole country watched in awe. After that, there was a train ride and other journeys. My personal favourite was a spinning/knitting session. It was many hours long and nothing really happened by modern entertainment standards. There were a few women knitting a sweater from scratch. First, they had to spin the wool and then knit. It was absolutely enthralling. I will only do 20/30 minute episodes, but the shawl will be knit on only during slow tv. I shan’t knit on it off camera. I hope you enjoy and not judge me harshly (my double chin game is strong in this first video).