Slow Sunday – Not So Slow

This Sunday proved to be quite busy. My husband and I are crazy people and we tend to make some sort of renovations every year. This year we are redoing our kitchen and bathroom. We are doing everything ourselves and it takes a surprising amount of time! Who knew?! This Sunday I did do a video and attempted to put it out there in the world, but due to some technical difficulties, it did not happen. Thus, here I am putting it out on a Monday.

The knitting is going quite quickly despite the number of stitches growing every other row. I’m really loving this pattern and strongly considering making one for myself in one of my hand dyed yarns.

I’m planning on moving my Slow Sundays to twitch in the near future where you guys will be able to hang out with me in real time and I’ll be able to knit longer. With just half an hour time a week, I’ll be knitting on this shawl for a year! And I really don’t want to be doing that. For now, enjoy my slow tv episode 3 and have yourselves a wonderfull week!