Stitch Tuesday – Stitch Patterns Must Wait

I have a giant flaw. I do not plan things far in advance. Thus, we come to the first Tuesday of December and I have no patterns planned out to share with you guys. I’m sorry about that but there are way too many things for me to knit for Christmas and I am slow. Therefore, for the rest of the month instead of my regular segments I will update you on the progress of my gifts. I’m not too concerned about the people on receiving end because I’m quite certain they don’t read this blog.

I finally finished the back of the father-in-law sweater. I’ve been avoiding it. I want to have it done for his Christmas party so he can show it off to his friends. He’s been waiting for a hand made sweater for over 20 years now. My mother-in-law had started one way back then and it’s still sitting in a corner. I don’t know what the sweater did to be in the naughty corner for so many years but I hope it learned its lesson! The party is on 17th so fingers crossed it’ll be done by then. Wish me luck!