Fashion Friday – Rahul Mishra spring 2018 ready-to-wear

Anyone who knows me, knows I love science. It’s the most wonderful way to explore ourselves and the world around us. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, science can be colourful and warm. Rahul Mishra, a physicist turned designer, illustrates this point of view beautifully. Inspired by his two year old’s awe with bees and flowers, he took a closer look at bee’s vision, as well as light and optical effects. The result is a wonderfully cheerful collection. Though as in natural world not all things are what they appear to be. The stripes are not pieces of fabric cut and sewn together. They are laboriously embroidered satin. Due to this, some of the pieces took around 2000 human hours to complete. It’s not often I find artists’ explanations of their work this compelling. Mostly it seems like a sales pitch to me. This collection, however, truly made me once again appreciate the world around me and be stricken with inspiration from the smallest of things.