Fashion Friday – Spring/Summer Colours 2018

I know I know I know… I haven’t been blogging since new year… It was a cycle of I should but I haven’t and so what do I say. I worked myself up to think I’ve lost all my good progress in growing this blog. But somehow people keep liking my posts and sharing them. This really warms my heart. Thus, I am ripping the bandaid off!

Spring is upon us. I don’t know about you, but this is when I tend to update my wardrobe and think of yarns to buy/dye for the rest of the warm seasons. Colours. An be a challenge and more often than not people get stuck in their comfort zones. This makes crafting for others that much more difficult. You go in a store and you’re bombarded by all the choices. Here are some colours you can choose with confidence! The best part is they all work together. Hence, colour combo stress is a thing of the past.

Picture above is a pallet for North America. Picture below is for Europe. They are similar and work together nicely. So go out there and play with colours! It’s one of the biggest joys in life!

Let me know what colours appeal to you the most and what your projects with them will be!