Stitch Tuesday – Large Goldfinch Cowl – Knitting Pattern

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. I don’t really celebrate it aside from having a bunch of chocolate. It’s also nice to get away for the long weekend with the family. I had my husband help me with a bit of a photo shoot of a few of my patterns, which I will keep on posting every Tuesday.

This pattern is made with my hand spun yarn. I find it hard sometimes to choose a pattern which would go well with all the texture hand spun provides. By writing this pattern I learned that one needn’t be afraid of texture even when knitting lace. It’s a great feature. Having learned that, I’m now confident that any pattern will look great with hand spun!

Goldfinch cowl uses a few techniques I really enjoy. First is German short rows. I love how they turn out. You can barely see them, they don’t add much bulk and they are just so darn easy! I strongly recommend you try them for your next short row project. You will not be disappointed. Second is applied edging. The best part about this type of edging is the small number of bind off stitches. I also like small amount of stitches for lace. It feels like it goes really fast and much easier to find and fix mistakes.

I hope you like this lacy cowl! You can find it in my store.