Stitch Tuesday – I’m Looking for Test Knitters (Closed. Thank you all for your help)

Thank you everyone who helped me out! It’s been great! Shocking how many details I missed and people picked up on. It’s been a great experience. This really highlights how amazing crafting community is!

I’ve been busy designing new yarn and patterns and my blog has been suffering as a result. Does anyone else look at popular crafters and think “where in the world do they find the time”?! Though I must admit I am an idea person. Where is that clone technology already? Or robot helpers?

Since the day of tomorrow isn’t coming today, I am looking for real humans to help me with pattern testing. It’s a loose fitting top for kids from 3 months to 10 years old. It’s got ruffled sleeves and pleated collar (my favorite things).

The sample I made is for 3 months. I think it turned out pretty darn cute! If you’d be interested, please email me at Thanks a bunch and have stitching Tuesday!